How to Pick the Perfect Glasses for Your Face Shape

By | Burlington, Glasses

You see an old friend on the street, and you keep thinking there’s something different about them. They look great, but you can’t quite say why. All of a sudden, you realize they have new glasses that are working so seamlessly with their face you almost couldn’t tell. This is the result of the art of selecting the perfect frames for your face shape. While it really is a bit of an art, there are so many factors that can tip the balance one way or another. However, there is just enough science to it, that with the right direction,…

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Living A Healthy Lifestyle in Burlington

Living a Healthy Lifestyle in Burlington

By | Burlington, Community

We are so lucky, living in a place like Burlington, where the option to live a healthy lifestyle is available to us almost around every corner. Being where we are, close to the hustle and bustle of Toronto and yet far enough away to benefit from the fresh air and open spaces, our beautiful city has to offer, we really do have the best of all worlds right close to home. When you’re thinking about how to live a healthy life, there are three core pillars to keep in mind, exercise, healthy food, and of course, rest and relaxation. Each…

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