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Living A Healthy Lifestyle in Burlington

Living a Healthy Lifestyle in Burlington

By | Burlington, Community

We are so lucky, living in a place like Burlington, where the option to live a healthy lifestyle is available to us almost around every corner. Being where we are, close to the hustle and bustle of Toronto and yet far enough away to benefit from the fresh air and open spaces, our beautiful city has to offer, we really do have the best of all worlds right close to home. When you’re thinking about how to live a healthy life, there are three core pillars to keep in mind, exercise, healthy food, and of course, rest and relaxation. Each…

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Binocular vision: disorders and treatment

Binocular Vision: Disorders and Treatment

By | Eye Conditions

Binocular vision, for many people, conjures up the idea of being able to see great distances. It almost sounds like something out of a Marvel movie. Nevertheless, what binocular vision truly means is that your eyes can focus together in the same direction. When your binocular vision is working as it’s supposed to, it sets you up to experience stereoscopic vision. More plainly, the brain can create a single image from two eyes that are communicating slightly different information. It’s this combined image that allows you to experience depth perception and accurately judge the speed of an object. Quite simply,…

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FREE Burlington Summer Activities

10 FREE Summer Activities for Families in Burlington

By | Community

Burlington is a city chock full of things to do all year round! It’s why we continually rank on the list of top cities in Canada, and it’s why people from all over the world make their way here at different times of the year to enjoy some of the incredible events we have to offer. So it’s no surprise that the line up for summer 2019 is already heating up with entertainment for all ages! In fact, there are so many free events happening this year between May and September, it’s hard to pick our favourites. However, with a…

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